IDataObjectHandler Interface

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Interface to retrieve and store data objects.

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public interface IDataObjectHandler

Types that implement IDataObjectHandler

Type Description
PersistenceHandler Database persistence handler which uses the NHibernate framework.
ClientDataObjectHandler Remoting data object handler which loads, stores and deletes data objects.


The necessary CRUD operations are provided for all defined data objects. The handler is aware of the semantics of data objects and can handle their lightweight representation.

Note to implementers:
Never implement only the IDataObjectHandler interface. To implement an own data object handler derive from the IDataObjectHandlerImpl interface. The pmMDA framework uses the methods from the IDataObjectHandlerImpl interface to reload items of indexed properties.


Namespace: PmMda.Net.Dog

Assembly: pmMDA.NET.Common (in pmMDA.NET.Common.dll)

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