About pmMDA.NET

pmMDA.NET - poor man's Model Driven Architecture for .NET

pmMDA.NET is a port of the pmMDA project to the .NET Framework.

Introduction to pmMDA

pmMDA is the product of years of experience in development and deployment of distributed systems. It allows the complexity of such systems to be kept under control and the technical risks to be minimized. On the basis of this knowledge, developers can create robust multi-tiered applications much quicker and maintain them at comparatively low costs. The framework is continuously enhanced to ensure alignment with the state of industry technologies and current best practices.

The main goal is to provide a tool empowering designers to specify a MDA model, validate it and generate the source code to execute it. Commercial and industrial applications are the major scope of the project.

pmMDA reads UML models, e.g. from ArgoUML tool, extends them with tagged values and generates the source code and configuration artefacts for the target applications. The tagged values are a legal extensions to the UML method. Therefore the pmMDA extension can still be edited with UML tools, although pmMDA provides a user interface simplifying the editing and validation of tagged values.


pmMDA.NET mainly consists of two parts. The first part generates artefacts out of the MDA model. The second part is a copy of the pmMDA framework used to run the artefacts on the different tiers.

pmMDA.NET generators

The pmMDA.NET generators are part of the java project pmMDA. They consists of Cartridges and Velocity templates.

pmMDA.NET Framework

The pmMDA.NET framework is a set of classes which allows the generated artefacts to be run on the .NET framework. The pmMDA.NET framework is similar to the java pmMDA framework so that developers don't need to learn a new framework when changing the platform in pmMDA.

Supported .NET Frameworks

Currently only version 1.1 of the .NET Framework is supported by pmMDA. Support for version 2.0 is planned.


pmMDA.NET is currently in alpha state. This means that the architecture still may change and that the features may be buggy.


pmMDA.NET is developed by bbv and HSR.


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